polar alignement,help

visonneau-vincent <visonneau-vin@...>

Hello (excuse me formy english)
I want to know if it is important to make the tripod horizontally if i
want to use the polar scope.I have some problem with it.
The precision of my ap 900 gto isn't very good and i dont know why.I
used the next method :
"i choose a star (for exemple deneb) and then manual move the scope to
deneb. then once on deneb i use the telescope hand controller to
the star deneb in polar alignment mode and then auto slew it ot
after i select the star deneb. the scope will slew to polaris, at this
time i use the alt/az only to center polaris as well as you can then i
ask for re-calibrate and i choose deneb again the scope will now auto
slew to deneb by itself, when you reach deneb, then i use the 'hand
key n,e,w,s buttons center deneb in a medium power eyepiece, then
goto, the telescope will auto calibrate the new position of deneb and
autoslew back to polaris, I repeat the same star 4 or 5 times, then I
another star a great deal of distance away from deneb and go through
one 5 times and then I choose another star and do it 5 times and then
I go
back deneb and the precision ISN'T VERY GOOD and i dont understand
What is the problem (celestron 8",horizontally,orthogonality(i have
the system astrophysics made for the celestron 8))
If someone could help me.

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