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Jeffrey D. Gortatowsky

Forgive the crossposting, the paragraph at the end is the reason...

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From: "Mark Jenkins" <markj@...>
I am going to personally boycott SB until full support for AP GTO is
implemented. Yeah, like they care.

Though getting way off the 'AP' topic, as I said in the past, this is not a
hard choice to make. If you are just using _The_Sky_ as a "better than print
atlas", or as your "virtual DSCs" there are many (better IMO) choices.

Clear skies,

BTW: There is an astro software group I created many many moons ago. It's
been pretty much given up for dead, but this is just the type of discussion
it was created for. 'Astro Software in general 'pros and cons'.' It would be
cool to revive it. Or not... http://www.egroups.com/group/astro-software

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