Re: 600 GTO Instrument Capacity

RCK <rkuberek@...>

John Mensick wrote:

Hi Paul,

Put your 600 on one of A-P's portable piers, and you'll greatly increase
it's load capacity concerning small tremors - as with photography. It's not
so much that it can hold more weight with the pier, it's that the vibration
is significantly diminished, as well as an increase in wind resistance.
People have put a C9.25 on a 400 mount on a pier succesfully for
photographic purposes - a C11 on a 600/pier should be fine, and more
portable than a 900.
Just to clarify my earlier response, the C11 works fine on the AP600. However,
it doesn't quite balance in DEC with all my imaging stuff hanging off the back.
pier is a great idea, though.

Bob Kuberek

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