Re: 600 GTO Instrument Capacity

John Mensick <steadyeye@...>

I have a 600 GTO with the wooden tripod on order with AP (not due until
unfortunately). Initially I will use my Traveler on this (I know the 600 is
overkill), but I plan to eventually acquire an SCT -- of course I might just
succumb and buy one ahead of the 600's arrival.

I do have a quick question for the group. What have you experienced in
the way
of SCT capacity for the 600 GTO, particularly when doing any kind of
imaging? I
am assuming that an 8" will be fine; will the 600 work with the Celestron 9
1/2"? Is a larger SCT out of the question?

Also, for visual work how large an SCT would be workable?

Thanks for any input and best regards,

Paul Schroeder

Hi Paul,

Put your 600 on one of A-P's portable piers, and you'll greatly increase
it's load capacity concerning small tremors - as with photography. It's not
so much that it can hold more weight with the pier, it's that the vibration
is significantly diminished, as well as an increase in wind resistance.
People have put a C9.25 on a 400 mount on a pier succesfully for
photographic purposes - a C11 on a 600/pier should be fine, and more
portable than a 900.

Clear Skies,


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