Re: 600 GTO Instrument Capacity

RCK <rkuberek@...> wrote:

Hi all -

I have a 600 GTO with the wooden tripod on order with AP (not due until spring,
unfortunately). Initially I will use my Traveler on this (I know the 600 is
overkill), but I plan to eventually acquire an SCT -- of course I might just
succumb and buy one ahead of the 600's arrival.

I do have a quick question for the group. What have you experienced in the way
of SCT capacity for the 600 GTO, particularly when doing any kind of imaging? I

I currently image with a C11 on an AP600 mount. It is workable with three counter-
weights and a dovetail plate, but I've ordered an AP900 for greater stability. A big

reason for this is that I use a fairly heavy camera (ST7) and a very heavy flip
(Van Slyke Slider).

For visualy, I think it's great, but I do recommend getting three counterweights.

Bob Kuberek

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