Welcome to the Astro-Physics User Group!  We’re glad you took the time to join us.


Guidelines and rules of engagement:


«  Membership and its Perks:  The Astro-Physics GTO Group (ap-gto) is open to members only, however membership is unrestricted.  Members may post and respond to messages to the group and edit their own messages.  Subscribers have additional access to upload Files and Photos, view the Member Directory, begin and participate in Chats and Polls, view and create Database tables, and view Wiki contents and the Message archive.  How to become a Subscriber?  Simply click the Sign Up icon at the top right of the page and set a password.  

o    At this time we are restricting the posting or editing of Wiki contents to moderators only.  Please forward any suggested Wiki contents to a moderator at ap-gto+moderator@groups.io

o    All first posts from new members are moderated.  This is a Groups.io setting to protect the group from spam and cannot be changed.  We will monitor messages regularly but please be patient with us if you do not see your first message immediately.  Once your first message is approved, future messages will not be auto-moderated.

«  Messages and Moderation:  We expect members to post and act responsibly.  

o    Editing quotes is encouraged.  Since the messages are archived, it is not necessary to quote the entire previous message. 

o    All members are expected to treat each other with dignity and courtesy.  Our subject matter sometimes includes matters of opinion; if you happen to disagree with another member please do so respectfully. Personal attacks and flame wars are not tolerated.  Violators will be warned, then moderated.  Persistent violation will result in a ban from the group. 

o    Please include at least your first name in your email.  This allows others to respond to you by name personally.

«  Photos and Attachments: We love seeing your photos!  We want to encourage all members to continue sharing photos of your setup, astro-images, screenshots, your cat, and more.  With that said, we know many photos - astro-images in particular - can be quite large.  For this reason, and in order to fit as many photos in as possible, please be aware of the following:

o    Photos can be uploaded to the group’s Photos section, along with a Description.  All large photos will be resized to no larger than 1024 x 1024.  

§  To share your newly-uploaded photo with the whole group, simply include the link in the body of your email. 

§  Please use JPG format for your photos. 

§  If your photo is best presented in a larger format, we highly recommend posting it to an Astrobin, Flickr, or a similar account.  Also post it in our Photos section along with a link to your higher-resolution shot in the Description.  This way everyone can preview your photo and check out the full resolution when interested.  It’s also a great idea to post a message to the group with the link to your full-resolution shot.

o    Large email attachments – such as photos - will be resized to no larger than 1024 x 1024. 

§  Photos attached to emails remain with the email in the Messages section; they are not automatically uploaded to the Photos section.   

o    Photos embedded in the body of an email will be resized to a max of 640 x 640.  This is a Groups.io setting and cannot be changed. 

«  Suggestions, Comments, Good Jokes?  We are always looking for input from our members to make this group better for all. Feel free to address any questions, comments, or concerns directly to the group moderators via email to ap-gto+owner@groups.io  


Tips and tricks we’ve found helpful:


«  The Help Page:  You can choose a variety of settings for your profile, how you receive emails, attachments, etc.  For instructions on how to modify your subscription (and much more), here’s a link to the Help page:  https://groups.io/static/help#emailcommands

«  Your Profile:  Please consider editing your Subscription Profile in Groups.io. 

o    On the Groups.io webpage, choose the group you want to edit from the list of Your Groups at the top.  Choose Subscription at the top of the list on left. 

o    Under the Membership button you can choose settings for email delivery, your signature, and more. 

o    Under the Group Profile button you can Edit Group Profile.  Here you can add a photo, choose whether other members can see your email address, etc.  If you welcome private correspondence, set your Profile Privacy accordingly.

o    Limit the size of attachments you receive in Advanced Preferences > Max Attachment Size.


We’re happy you chose to join us!

The AP Team

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